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Hey, I'm Jannis! Researcher & Developer.

I have a passion for research, development, and design. I work on making human dynamics understandable by developing workflows to collect, analyze, and present human data.

I am a researcher, data scientist, and data communicator. Most of the day, I think about psychological theories, write code, or share our results with our societal partners or the scientific community.

On this website, I introduce some of our recent projects as well as my own background and focus.

To the About Section

Below you can find more information on a selection of my ongoing research projects. For each of the projects, I hope to highlight a few notable features. You can find a more complete list of my academic publications on Google Scholar. If you seek more information on any of my works feel free to reach out to me via the Contact Form or on one of the linked social media platforms.

Acculturation Framework

As part of my PhD project, my collaborators and I have been working on a comprehensive way of organizing the many different aspects of psychological acculturation (i.e., the question of how people change when they get into continuous first-hand contact with other cultures).


The PsyCorona project aims to identify psychological and cultural factors that affect the spread of SARS-CoV-2. I have been a founding member, data privacy officer, researcher, and data manager of the project.

Gun Psychology

The Center for Psychological Gun Research is a scientific initiative founded on an academic interest in the psychology of gun ownership and gun use. As a founding member of the research center, I have been involved in all aspects of the research process within the center.